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Are you struggling to pull all the puzzle pieces of your health together?

Is your gut health holding you back?

Digestion Basics 101

If you want to learn how to feel confident and inspired to take care of your health

  • Your focused on your health and you want to  ensure you are doing well in each health zone
  • Feel confident all your nutritional needs are being met
  • If you want to change habits to ensure you have great health as you age.

"Ange managed to pinpoint that I had SIBO and we worked together to fix it through diet and herbs. Ange was a miracle worker! By following her advice, not only do I feel so much better, I ended up losing my bloated stomach and the extra Kilo's I was carrying." Tina Clark

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  • An ongoing membership where we take small, focused steps every week to improve our gut health
  • A  place to learn what's best for you quickly, and easily so that you can put it straight into practice
  • A community where you will get so much support your health can only improve


A place where you will be bombarded with information and you get overwhelm and don't know where to start.

By taking this leap to work with me you'll get not only great information but community and actionable strategies to improve your life right now:

Gut Health Training


Learn the 5 Health Zones to improve not only your gut health but your overall health of you and your family



Join a like minded community get support and help each other through our triumphs  and tribulations.



Each week you'll get exclusive information, actionable tips straight to your computer.

Gut Health Academy

"I have had digestive issues for years"

Ange managed to pinpoint that I had SIBO and we worked together to fix it through diet and herbs. Ange was a miracle worker! By following her advice, not only do I feel so much better, I ended up losing my bloated stomach and the extra Kilo's I was carrying.

- Tina Clark  ( Finance Lender)

About Ange Sinclair

The Digestive Detective

As a naturopath I help you beat the bloat, purge the pain  and get to the root cause of your digestive issues.

I am passionate about educating and empowering you to transform your gut health away from the lifestyle diseases that are so common now.  I want you to be happy and healthy for your entire life.

You'll learn everything you need to know  to be your own Digestive Detective so  you: 

  • Are not constantly worrying about what to eat
  • Know what to feed yourself and your family to supercharge your gut bacteria
  • Don't have to buy any superfoods or do any fancy diets to make your digestion sing!

What Gut Health Academy  Does for You:

Online video lessons you can watch anywhere anytime

"I'll walk you through a number of purpose built videos lessons"

To give you a greater understanding of each health zone and how they affect your health. You can watch the videos anywhere anytime and on any device.

5 Health Zones Gut Health Academy
Gut Health Membership[

Downloadable content to keep and use again and again.

Accessible downloadable content you can keep and use again and again.

  • A food , mood and poo diary to really get understanding of your system
  • Graphic downloads showing how your gut really works.
  • Pantry lists to keep you on track.

Immediate access to a private Facebook Group 

Where you can get support from others in the community, but more importantly where you'll have access to me to ask any questions you might have daily.

Gut Health Academy Facebook
Gut Health Academy

"I highly recommend Ange."

I went to Ange when I had hit rock bottom with my digestion. She was so easy to talk to. She listened and helped me heal my stomach by leading me in the right direction. My bloating and reflux has eased dramatically. I’m still working on restoring my health but I feel like I’m not far off being back to 100% healthy. Thank you Ange, I am so grateful for your help.

- Mohammad Khoud ( Postal  Courier)

Gut Health Academy

"Ange has helped me with my digestive issues,"

...along with my brain fog, allergies, stress + low energy. As a wife + mother of 2 I felt like I was going through life with the handbrake on. She has successfully helped me re-gain my energy + life back. I feel amazingly better.
Ange really listens + took the time to really understand all my issues. The hair test was great to know what was going on in me... no more guessing!
Thanks Ange for all your advice + help... you're amazing!

- Carla Jones (Mum)

Gut Health Academy

"I recently visited Angela the Digestive Detective to ask for help ..."

Controlling my Diverticulitis. I had been told by my Doctor that my case was pretty serious and that i would probably be having an operation sooner rather than later. I went to Ange and asked her to give me something to hold back my symptoms till the end of the year. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but I was pretty desperate to try anything. After a few weeks I could see and feel the difference. I started to get my mojo back and so I have been continuing on with her medications. Its now the end of November and I have had no serious attacks. In fact I feel great. I can highly recommend Ange. She is thorough, knowledgeable, consistent and understanding of my health issues.

- Angela Griffiths (Art Teacher)

What You'll Get...

Access to video lessons purpose built by me, along with a range of different content to help you get started:

Gut Health Academy Membership

"If you want better health you can't afford to miss this"

Imagine how good things will be if you start today in just one week you will be on your way to

better Gut Health

Get Instant Access to the Facebook Group!

Get started today on a new road to good health with Gut Health Academy!

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Gut Health Academy

"I implemented 3 simple changes!"

After my first free consultation, I implemented three simple changes that Ange suggested. I scheduled and took a test that she suggested and we are waiting for the results. After experiencing flareups three or four times a week, I’ve only had two experiences in three weeks… And I know now what food I ate that caused those. I’m so excited to work with her to make a plan to begin my journey back to a balanced gut.

- Denise Ekdhal (Essential Oil Advocate)

Are You Ready To Take Your Health To The Next Level ?

Your health is way too important to not become a Founding  Member.

Join now for $19/month or save even more by paying Annually $190 (no contracts, cancel at anytime)

 What You’ll Get if  you join the Academy

  • Weekly lessons on topics that make a difference to your health
  • Live Q&A with me weekly
  • 4 Unique pieces of content per month
  • Access to a community of people who are working toward better health and better gut health.

Yes just $19.00 a month or

$190 annual payment for all of this and more.

More than $2000 worth of value just in the one on one support

Get Instant Access to the Facebook Group, and lifetime access to the information!

 Get started today on a new road to good health with Gut Health Academy.

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You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you are sick of listening to conflicting information and  and you just want an educated, entertaining and trusted source, then Gut Health Academy  is right for you.

"Gut Health Academy has been especially designed for you to improve your Gut Health. I've worked with hundreds of women who can testify to the strength of my approach"

Ange Sinclair


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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"...I’m so excited to work with Ange  to make a plan to begin my journey back to a balanced gut." Denise Ekdhal